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Posted by ReeVo @ 01:00:16 01/01/1970 UTC

For the first time in over five years, applications will open for acceptance into the support team. These applications will be subject to a first round of reviews by myself, whereupon select support personnel shall review the final candidates and provide feedback. This feedback will then shape the final selection of the new Help Operators.

Applications are relatively comprehensive, and I advise only those who wish help make the Chatter support system work to submit an application. There is no word limit, but I recommend that any responses be comprehensive enough so as to answer the question, yet concise so as to remain relevant.

The procedure for submitting an application can be found in a link to the menu, 'Support application' or clicking here.


Posted by ReeVo @ 01:00:17 01/01/1970 UTC
Dear Members,

It's our pleasure to announce the exciting launch of our new website.

This website provides our members and visitors with a variety of new and features, WIKI's, Rules and FAQ's. If you have any questions or need help please contact our web support team by clicking here

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